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Products > YUUSFJI Palm scanner
YUUSFJI Palm scanner
Product name : YUUSFJI Palm scanner
Product No. : 202342716854
Color : Black
Input Voltage : 100-240V
Weight : 1.25kg
Certifications : FBI PIV-071006,Mobile ID FAP 20
Size : 
Interface : 
Operating Temperature : 
Capture Mechanism : 
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Product Features

half palm image
Four-fingerprint image of flat left and right hands
Flat dual thumbprint image
Planar single-finger fingerprint image
One finger scrolling (three sides)
fingerprint image

Acquisition window dimensions: 132 x 123.8 mm
Effective image size: 117x117 mm
Rolled fingerprint image size: 32.5x32.5mm

image pixels
2304 x 2304 (four finger image)
640 x 640 (rolled fingerprint image)
Image resolution: 500DPI ±1%
Image distortion: ≤1%
Image grayscale: 8-bit, 256-level grayscale
Image dynamic range: ≥200 levels
Acquisition rate: ≥15 frames per second (single-finger scroll acquisition)
10 frames/second (four-finger capture)
8 frames per second (palmprint collection)
Working temperature: 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
Relative humidity: 10 to 90% (non-condensing state)
Dimensions: 263 x166.5 x 128.5mm (L×W×H)
Device weight: ≤3.6 kg
Computer interface: USB 3.0
Power supply: DC 5V3A
Interaction Design: Buzzer
Host requirements: Intel main frequency 1.7GHz or higher, memory 1G bytes or higher, USB3.0 interface;
Operating system: Windows XP or higher

Capture palm and fingerprint images
The device can collect palmprint and fingerprint images. When collecting fingerprints, the four fingers are in a relatively fixed position. When fingerprint images are entered, it can simplify the judgment of fingerprint positions.

Compatible with palm prints and multiple fingerprints in various countries
Acquisition standard: Half-palm palmprint collection, 4-4-2 collection mode (four fingers on the left hand + four fingers on the right hand + double thumbs), 10 single-finger plane collections, 10 single-finger scrolling collections, double thumbs scrolling collections, double thumbs Plane collection, etc.

high accuracy
Fingerprint recognition can achieve 100% recognition accuracy. Application Scenarios Palmprint and fingerprint information collection in public security, prisons, national defense, financial institutions, education, medical care, customs, airports, docks and other fields.

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