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Foreign trade supervisor: 1 person

Job Responsibilities: 

1. Bachelor degree or above, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing

2. Formulate sales plans and goals for yourself and the team.

3. Responsible for the company's product sales and completion of various indicators.

4. Manage and develop customers, expand business with old customers.

5. Maintain good communication with customers, grasp customer needs in real time, and promote customers to place orders.

6. Train new employees.

job requirements: 

1. Love sales work, have the spirit of market development, and have independent analysis and problem-solving ability. Proven communication skills and ability to motivate teams.

2. Excellent written and oral English skills, able to communicate with foreign customers without barriers (telephone, email and negotiation), English CET-6 and above.

3. Good conduct, integrity, good work attitude, serious and responsible work, strong sense of responsibility and aggressiveness, hard work, good communication and cooperation, good learning ability. Teamwork spirit, able to withstand a certain amount of work pressure, strong pressure resistance, able to complete tasks well within working hours.

4. Familiar with B2B e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, and Global Sources; proficient in using various search engines, various network channels and exhibitions to develop new customers, negotiate prices, samples, freight, payment, etc., and make full use of the network platform Independently develop new customers at home and abroad;

5. Have dreams, ambitions, pursuits, and a heart to become TOP.

6. Aspiring to develop together with the company and become the backbone of the company.

Foreign trade salesman: 3 people

Job functions:

1. Proficiency in the application of B2B platforms, familiar with Google development customers

2. Responsible for developing overseas markets and developing new customers

3. In-depth study of product knowledge and precise promotion of products

4. Actively communicate with customers, follow up and reason about further needs of customers, and expand transaction willingness

5. Team sharing, team summary, team cooperation, team progress

Job Requirements:

1. Possess professional foreign language skills and fluent oral English

2. Experience in operating foreign trade platforms is preferred

3. Have a sense of responsibility, good personal cultivation and teamwork awareness

4. Actively communicate and cooperate with each other within the company

5. Be proactive

Domestic sales engineer: 2 people

Qualification required:

- Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic technology, industrial automation, communication engineering, computer related;

- More than three years of sales work in electronic components, familiar with LED power supply, light source, and car light market, and have a certain understanding of IC MOSFET;

- Have good English reading and writing skills, proficient in using office software;

- Have good professionalism and strong professionalism, can accept high-intensity work pressure, and work status of long-term/frequent business trips;

- Quick thinking, strong logic, strong communication skills (with customers/original factory/inside the company, etc.), good at using resources to complete tasks smoothly;

- Be sincere, be serious and responsible in doing things, have high work execution ability, and have the ability and methods to solve emergencies in the work, etc.

Qualification required:

- Familiar with the Pearl River Delta power supply, lighting, car lighting market, etc.

- Familiar with semiconductor promotion, experience in promotion of IC, supercapacitor, mosfet is preferred!

- Have a certain customer base, and it is better to understand the basic knowledge of related products;

- Good customer relationship maintenance!


Company treatment:

1. Provide a platform to maximize personal advantages.

2. The factory has strict requirements on product quality, mainly engaged in electronic products.

3. Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00; 14:00-18:30

4. Holiday arrangements: enjoy the holidays stipulated by the national labor law. Those with outstanding performance enjoy domestic and foreign tourism

5. Basic salary + commission + bonus

6. Five insurances and one housing fund

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