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Products > GPU mining 2000W PSU
GPU mining 2000W PSU
GPU mining 2000W PSU GPU mining 2000W PSU GPU mining 2000W PSU GPU mining 2000W PSU
Product name : GPU mining 2000W PSU
Product No. : 20242279483
Color : silver
Input Voltage : 100-240V
Weight : 
Certifications : CE ROHS
Size : 277.8×109.4×44mm
Interface : 
Operating Temperature : 
Capture Mechanism : 
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Key Features:

Global Voltage Compatibility:

Support for a wide range of global voltage inputs:
100-140Vac (1500W)
200-290Vac (2000W)
This adaptability ensures seamless integration into diverse power environments around the world.
High Power Supply Efficiency:

Achieve peak performance with a high efficiency of 92%, minimizing energy consumption and contributing to cost savings.
Comprehensive Protection:

Robust protection mechanisms including overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature safeguards your equipment, ensuring longevity and reliability.
IT Equipment Security Standard Compliance:

Designed in compliance with Information Technology Equipment Security Standard, ensuring that the power supply meets the latest security requirements for IT equipment.
Certification Standards:

Products are meticulously crafted to meet CE and FCC certification requirements, ensuring adherence to international standards of quality and safety.
Application Scenarios:
Perfectly suited for a diverse range of applications including:

ASIC Computing Power Servers
Industrial Computers
Industrial Equipment
Specification Parameters:

Product Model: YTT200012P-EPIC SPEC
Rated Input Voltage:
100-140Vac (1500W)
200-290Vac (2000W)
Output Voltage: +12Vdc
Output Current:
125A (1500W)
166A (2000W)
1500W (100-140Vac)
2000W (200-290Vac)
Efficiency: 92%
Dimensions (L×W×H): 277.8×109.4×44mm
Elevate your industrial computing experience with the YTT200012P-EPIC, where global compatibility meets unparalleled efficiency. Trust in its reliability and cutting-edge design for your power-hungry applications.

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